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Nobody knows how actually time passes. We all pass through different stages of life and they all have their own reminiscences captured in our minds. I adore my upbringing in a small yet beautiful Rangi village of Rauthat district. I remember one of my favorite games during my childhood days was playing with fireflies. I used to wonder how the fireflies being insects emitted light like lamps in my house.

Fireflies are the most amazing and attractive insects that I have ever seen. It dazzles during the night which makes it look more beautiful. During the new moon, it appears as the only light in villages accompanied with the subtle noises made by the frogs and bugs. After wandering jungles and vast green fields with my friends in the daytime, we used to eagerly wait for the sight of fireflies at night. We used to catch those illuminating flies and put them all into the bottles, which collectively looked magical.

Time passed quickly and I went Birgunj to continue my further studies. Whenever I had a long vacation, I used to visit my village and recollect old memories watching the fireflies. I noticed that the number of fireflies was gradually decreasing. As new fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides have come into frequent usage, the flies have started disappearing, and within the period of 10 years, I saw them in limited number. These days, I can hardly see one or two fireflies, which compel me to imagine the world without them.

This is the age of development. We are advancing in agriculture, technologies, business, commerce and it is, of course, necessary for the nation. But it is important to realize the significance of nature and its beauty. People, in the name of progress, are destroying nature. With proper education and knowledge, we are in the best position to control those hazardous activities and seek for a sustainable development. I can say so because the developed countries that evolved through different phases have been acknowledging the importance of nature and are, therefore, in the process of preservation.

The declining number of fireflies stands as an example of extinction in our country. There are many other plants, animals, insects and insignificant beings that are in trouble due to humans’ selfish and self-centered activities. They are going to be extinct soon if we fail to awaken our intellect.
I don’t expect today’s tech-savvy children to play with fireflies like I did. However, nature and its beings should be conserved for the future generation to see and experience.

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