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Things about people who meditate; Have you ever tried to meditate in order to tackle with stress, panic attacks and anxiety? Meditation is now proven to have more than short term benefits, a new study has shown that meditation can alter the neuroanatomy of brain itself.

Study in individuals with long history of meditation has revealed neuroanatomical changes in their brain. Don’t worry if you have just started to meditate, the study also suggests that even brief exposure to meditation can bring about psychological changes.

The subjects in this study were involved in a 8-week intensive Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction(MSBR) training program, that consisted of daily exercise by focusing attention on the present moment. This program involved 2.5 hour long class weekly and self practice by the subjects themselves for 45 min everyday.  Participants of MBSR showed increase in cortical thickness  in the right insular lobe and somatosensory cortex (areas associated with emotional awareness and perception), as well as reduction of several psychological indices associated with worry, anxiety, depression and alexithymia compared to non-meditating control group.

The study suggests MBSR may improve the understanding and processing of our own emotional reactions to internal as well as external stimuli enhancing individual’s  ability to exert cognitive control over their emotions.

Meditation can ultimately make people emotionally aware and able to deal with stress and anxiety.

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