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At this moment while writing this I realize it does not need a lot to be truly happy, just a little sparkle. The little sparkles we create may make someone happy- that someone might smile a little as they cast on the image of effort we make. Our image of positiveness may affect everyone around us; if not everyone, just one happy person is enough. HAPPY does not mean to be the one who gets the attention, just a little is enough.

So often we do not realize the effort of people around us to make us satisfied- people who care for us. I am happy today because I woke up knowing I had my family with me, some people do not get to have this every day. A lot of my close friends are not with their family right now, I get to know from them that they feel empty inside; I knew that feel because I also had to stay far from my family. When I decided that I would keep an open mind and an open heart to people I meet, I realized their struggles.

Some of the people in my life had to leave their family, their hometown and come to a distant place just for education. These people get to meet their families after a long period- with many difficulties in travel. I recall that a good friend of mine has to travel alone for almost five days to get to her parents. I personally admire her great effort and her bravery.

Think positive, be grateful and carry on. Let’s all have a healing aura in ourselves- that way we can attract others naturally. Let’s heal our broken pieces and let’s heal the broken pieces of people around us.


Written on my diary on 19 January 2018.

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