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Hey Readers,

Have you guys ever wondered how we can get more productive? More productive as in a sense to get more things done and continuously. Well if you wish to gear up and boost your productivity meter then here is something for Clash of Clan fans.

Distraction for Concentration

sushil10018, Sushil Shrestha

One thing I knew after having long hours of work in office and by myself as a freelancer and spending lots of nights with my mac is that “distraction is necessary for concentration”. One can not simply keep the concentration max at all time and hence require a timely distraction. If you’re a smoker than you should have experienced the rage of concentration after a cigarette. Though, I’m not invoking to smoke of course! :P

Playing Clash of Clan helps and how is the question. Well, the game is really addictive as it cooperates with the time in real life as troops take some time to train, the defenses takes real time to upgrade and so on. Now, coming to the point of productivity we’re going to use the game as timer. So, once you train a troop to be full in your barrack it would take around 15-20 mins if you’re only training archers and barbarians. Once you have the troops on training, you begin to work then a notification pops up which says that your troop are ready. You then search for the opponent and get some loot. This gives you a good break of around 5 mins and surely refreshes the mind. The second thing you do after loot is train the troop again as always. While the troop is in training you start the work again and so the day goes on.

This process helps a person not to stress himself/herself out with the work pressure and maintain the balance of concentration with distraction. It has been very helpful to me as I was experimenting upon myself. Do try and let me know how you feel about it. You may even remove your smoking habit trying this out! ;)

Best wishes using Clash of Clan for productivity!

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