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So long 2016!

If the world was a human being, 2016 would have been the equivalent of a day gone from bad to worse to extreme to erratic and unpredictable. But pessimism was so 2016 and is gone with the year that just took so much of our inner peace.

By now we’ve read it all, heard it all. Why it was a bad year, and why it wasn’t such a bad year. Depending on who you ask, you’ll find people on either side of the spectrum. We lost a great pool of talent, there’s no denying that. A beacon of hope in the midst of tragedy is the fact that artists spend their life creating art that inspires long after they leave. And that art never dies. The artists we lost left behind a life that will be remembered – something we should all aspire to do in our own lives.

There’s also no denying that 2016 was a pivotal year in politics. The western world collectively decided that a sound (although not perfect) political system was just too mainstream. So they voted to let extreme uncertainty seep in and affect the future of generations that will follow them. The world will never be the same, but in what ways? 2017 will begin revealing itself soon enough!

Elsewhere, in Nepal, Prachanda became prime minister – and took on an ambitious project to begin eliminating load shedding. 2016 was also a year of silent recovery for Nepal. After a tragic and tumultuous 2015, we slowly began to heal and stopped fighting. Could 2017 be the year we get back on our feet and walk again?

If there’s one thing we can take into 2017, we’ll take hope. Keep the lessons and let go of the idea that we’re living in a tragic world that is falling apart at its seams. Because it is not. Even in the midst of horrible tragedy, humanity shined, as it always does. People came together in unexpected ways to help, build and support when tragedy struck. Incredible progress was made in science, technology and every other aspect of human life. This became a world where an internet connection is all you need to learn, to be inspired, to progress and to begin anything.

For all that we could not control, we found happiness in silly things and embraced the uncertainty of being alive with a sense of humor.

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Happy new year from #teamjunkiri! Keep the light shining, keep inspiring!


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