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No matter how perfect it seems,
Life is all but a castle of cards,
It looks beautiful until it’s standing strong,
And it looks grisly, when all falls.
You said you never knew,
But deep inside you did right?
One day from then,
We won’t meet back!
I still remember you loved the petrichor,
Loved to dance, free in the rain,
Ephemeral, aren’t things?
Memoirs are all that remain.
Love still feels mellifluous to me,
But it would have been better,
If I had you to sing with,
Do I sing the songs of love,
Because I loved you and still I do,
Do I sing the songs of pain,
Because pain is all I want to ensue.
Every time I had to leave you alone,
The same angst haunted me,
Until I came back running in dawn,
The demurred love we had in between,
I can’t explain how lonely I feel.
I went to the place we used to meet,
With a heart full of love,
And beautiful flowers for,
The beautiful flower’s grave!
All I wish is some day,
We might meet again.
I can’t hide tears my love,
I am not as strong as you knew,
All I can do is question your existence,
Questioning myself,
It always ends in strife,
And this maybe one of those choices,
Which you can’t choose from in life.
Ode to the purest form of Love ~Sashank Neupane

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