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Here we playing truth and dare, here we are seeking faults again.

It’s not about money, maybe it’s the feeling of being lied to, being cheated on; for a broken promise mixed with alcohol. It’s foolish, I believe, to expect a silent acceptance in the moment, looking at how things turned out to be. Like what would one expect? That they would just shut up and go home when the main event of the show was canceled? It is trust we are talking about.

We are idol worshipers, creatures built to the core to revere something; one may even say, religious. We seek heroes, idols to look up to; we seek perfection, portray it to someone. This time, Marshmallow maybe? Don’t laugh it off, I’m absolutely sure you have or have had someone you’ve looked up to, you’d go and see, and would be pissed if they couldn’t show up while you waited cold and drunk for hours.

Emotions are stronger than rationality.

Besides, we are creatures who mimic. Most of us, we decide what is acceptable, how we should act looking at people around us, at what they do; and if one throws a stone, be prepared, for a shower of stones. Maybe so because the fault, the guilt gets divided, gets rationalized; “everyone else was doing it”, or “no one else was doing it, why should I”.


Now, do I agree with how things turned out? Well, absolutely not! It, I’m sure, was hell. Maybe next time, I’d wish we would act as conscious beings, that is if we are conscious.

What should have been done? When human psychology is involved, the answer isn’t that simple, cause, psyche isn’t that simple, but maybe we should be more conscious (well duh, obviously); and try to put ourselves in others’ shoes (of the event managers’ and the club owners’); “try”, cause I know most of us aren’t capable of that either.

Maybe the announcement should (if it was not) have included an explanation as to why he couldn’t make it; maybe a video of him, maybe a certain kind of promise as to rescheduling or refunds.

But from a psychological perspective, that was almost unavoidable but hopefully minimized; because we are still animals, social animals, maybe most destructive when socially gathered, maybe most creative as, individuals.


Video Source: Anon.

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