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My heartbeat blew 💕
When you came out of blue
And said that I love you
May the redness of Rose 🌹
Deepens our love as day goes
Honey you don’t have to kneel down and Propose 🙇‍♂️
Coz your eyes have expressed much more
Showering all the sweetness of Chocolate 🍫
I will breeze in whenever you wish without being late
I don’t dearth of those Teddy🐨
Coz I have got mine already
Each and every colloquies of Promise🤞
I will fill the bill being honest
When I am depressed I don’t want those prescribed drug
I want you to hold and give me a tight Hug👫
The fragrance and warmth of your Kiss 😘
There is nothing I want more than this
Everyday I woke up and shine
Coz honey to me everyday is day of VALENTINE 💘💝

by Bharati Neupane

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