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It’s been a while,
every night feels the same,
Metaphorically speaking, it’s like the pages of a notebook,
exactly replicated.
What differs are those little spots and marks,
on some pages there is more and in some it is less.

This mental state of mine feels like a glacier,
regularly breaking down, melting.
And my eyes like those damaged taps
no matter how much I try,
constantly keeps on dripping.

My legs shake like those seismograph
as if it has felt an unsettling tremble of a high magnitudic earthquake.
I feel like using a hook and a rope,
throw it towards the plane that’s flying
miles away from me, and just drift away with it,
with a hope to reach some place better than this.

The darkness spreads around me like
I’m in the middle of a tunnel,
and the morning’s shine is my light at the end of the tunnel.
No matter how much I yawn,
sleep is the last thing I want to do.
My eyelids feel like some extra gravitational force is pulling it down
my eyeballs burn like those skin of a vampire that comes in contact with sunlight.

I feel insecured like a hostage that has his body tied
and is being pushed towards the cliff into the sea,
filled with terrifying sea monsters.
I feel suffocated like I’m trapped inside an hourglass,
above me there is a huge castle of sand
that is pouring on me.

I keep on arguing with my self-conscience,
keep on clinging on to past like that little baby clings to his mom
I keep on worrying about the future that is yet to come
and somewhere in between all these stuffs
I always deprive myself off a proper sleep.

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