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Nepal Nachcha is a global event that happens every year during the Nepali New Year. Nepal Nachcha, started by WIZ Entertainment, based in Dallas is now running it’s 6th year in Dallas. The Nepal Nachcha is happening for the first time in Houston and Nepalese living in Houston are excited about the program. 

We couldn’t be happier to announce our media partnership with the amazing team that is working to put together this Nepal Nachcha event in Houston. The 8 Beats Entertainment team is excited to work with Kancha Productions (Sunil Kancha) to make this event happen in Houston, says Gyve Poudel, General Manager of 8 Beats Entertainment. The 8 beats entertainment is also very thankful to the local student group  Helping Hands Houston for showing fullest support of the event. 

Mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate Nepali New Year 2074 with us, right here IN HOUSTON.

DJ Line-up!

DJ ANUP ( Anup Nepal)              

DJ KUSH (Kundan Paudel)

Event info:

Venue:  Taj Hall | 5615 Savory Drive, Houston, TX, 77036
Time:  9 PM –  3 AM
Online Tickets:

Event Planner: Lavender Pearl (

Event Partners:  Kancha Productions, 4k Entertainment, Hamro Bazaar, Momo Entertainment

Media Partner: Rising Junkiri , Texas Nepal

Event Sponsors:

  1. Ghanshyam Aryal (281-323-0946 )
  2. Rajesh Sapkota ( 832-241-5361)
  3. Bachcha Tiwari, New York Life Insurance ( 281-617-8887)
  4. Niranjan Sharma, Hamro Automotive, (832-831-2010)


  1. Helping Hands Houston
  2. Surendra Maharjan Photography
  3. Niran Photography
  4. Nepalese Association of Houston-UH Main Campus
  5. US-Nepal Help Network
  6. Dead Runners FC HOUSTON(DRFC)
  7. North Houston Football (NH11)

Stay tuned for information & annoucements!

Nepal Nachcha Houston




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