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Do you believe in god? I know most of you do not believe in such mystical power. but I do believe in mysticism, spiritualism, dark energy, vibrations.

You may have questions like, what is spiritualism? What the hell is mysticism? The answer is vague but in simple word, it is something beyond our three-dimensional world. Power used by spiritual or supernatural beings. The same power which gives the combinations of molecules its meaning of life, without that power we are just mass of nucleoproteins, lipids, and carbohydrate of a higher entity.  Spiritual power is the product of a higher dimension so we cannot just use our science to create living beings. We cannot use the magic wand to infuse life into a group of proteins and carbohydrate. Maybe god is the one mystical creature of higher dimension. Maybe we just science project of someone of higher dimension.

Now let’s talk about vibrations. Have you ever thought what gives atoms its existence? What gives electron its mass? What gives photon it’s dual nature? Its vibration that gives meaning to everything existing. In quantum scale the Higgs Boson or the God’s Particle or in simple word Quarks, pi-mesons,  hadrons, etc are made of strings. Same string but with different vibrating nature. Here comes M-string theory that quantifies moment of string. You have heard about the anti-matter, those are only combinations of strings that stops the vibrations. And nothing exist accept dark energy

In the nutshell, I support the existence of THE GOD, not the god people worships but the god of higher dimension, the god of the quantum world who defines the movement of strings.

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