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Why do we just look upon someone and

after that only we stimulate our expected actions?

Why are our options so involuntary only?

Why do we need extra pushes for awakening

and to revive from our incoherent sleeps?

In the wake of extremity too, we deviate

from the only exit,

just to pretend we are looking at somebody else.

These stars from elsewhere needs to come

and remind us that we are in a pool of indifference

but we are not different from the other world

because we too,  are in grave need of saving.

Are all our senses been blocked by casualties

of not reckoned supplements

commonly known as “instigated unvented intuitions”?

Is that true we have become so illuminated

and cultivated such that fowl assumptions

and imbecile declaration has now been our endowment

of our conceited self? Our moguls aren’t exemplary enough

yet we are accustomed to their preachings

just to let those doctrines get reached to our every neurons,

that we need to stay alive and we are the only one responsible for it.

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