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Dog and Human

Some things about what dogs are like in nature and what dogs may have to say to the human beings. A bond between the two that I have tried to express in a poem.

I was born to play
And lay
On a Slumber day
Wide eyed
I see
The world as
Black and white

In my furry head
I brood
What in the world is
Wanted of you
You beat a drum in my head
That’s not funny.
Utter loud noises
And I can’t help
But just yelp
You strike me hard
When I wail
Despite that
Ring a bell
I’ll welcome you always
With an eager face
And wagging tail

I poop in your couch
You scream and grouch
But I’m naive
And brave
I’ll be loyal to you
Till my grave
I smell the meat
I’m neat
In making mischief
And as you yell
My ears turn deaf
Then I’m meek
But I seek
Your love
I’m just a babe
Don’t you see?

Look into my eyes
I detect your lies
And your fake smiles
And when you cry
I grunt and sigh
You coax me
I feel alright

Don’t make me stray
On the road
You and I
We have a special bond
In my heart, you will stay
That’s all I have to say


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