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The Next Real Thing – Part 1: A lunatic, a lover, a madman. Just because it dealt with a man, who was madly and stupidly in love with a girl. And the best part was, he didn’t yell or cry during any other inspections.  “A peaceful guy eh!?”, was her very first impression. And she did it. She took the case.

Sara never had a peaceful life. Parents being murdered when she was 9 and her only brother dying at the age of 15.  And the struggles began. A new city, a new home and a new college. Yet, no friends. Maybe she liked to stay alone; maybe she didn’t like other girls; maybe she didn’t have time for them. So she remained isolated, she forced herself to. And in that same isolation period, she graduated. Could anyone stay alone for so long? No! Neither did she. She made a friend in her third year; second last year of graduation. She was not a newbie but from other room. Due to some unusual reasons she had to leave that room. Her name was Maya.

         “This better be interesting”, Sara muttered. It was her third case of schizophrenia. She, especially, was ordered to study the mentally disabled and their habitat of living. Masters in a medical field, and now she wanted to do research works on the mentally disabled. So, she had applied to a University in U.S. A very good listening capacity made her the doctor’s first choice to review the mental patient’s disorders. Her first case seemed interesting to her at first. But, eventually the patient started to cry and jump during the inspection, and she had to leave. Moreover, the second case didn’t interest her at all. A wife being a mental patient after her husband’s death, what could be more depressing than that?

First of all, Sara never wanted to be someone who inspects or let’s say; does research on mental patients. But, it was all Maya. Maya was a very lively and a stupid girl. Lunatic, at times. But, it was all right with Sara. Day by day, as they talked, Maya’s behavior started to become more and more fascinating. And no sooner, Sara found out that she had schizophrenia. Her very first friend and she also a mental patient. “Can this get any better?”, she used to ask herself. And this motivated her to develop a keen interest in schizophrenia.

This is Sara, and now you will read the whole story from my perspective.

The walls on my either sides teased me as I passed them. It had the same faded white color as that of my hostel room’s when I was an undergraduate. I could sense the people’s fear. I could hear their internal mourn. I could see their shadows, crying. And that whole place started to tease me. But I have my own job to do. I need to review the documents of Mr.Rosewell. He is my third case, and his story is interesting too, comparatively. You won’t believe what kind of patients I had been through past two days. I dropped both cases as I started to get depressed and irritated at times. So, I got my car keys from the reception desk and flew towards the parking lot.

I love surprises, but, I was almost surprised to death when I met Maya there. “How..what…why?”, was all that I could say when she hugged me. I thought she had been admitted to a mental hospital due to schizophrenia. But she said, she was taking medications and was all right now. I drove her to my place and we both went upstairs, to my flat. Since I was new in this town; I didn’t have my own house to live. And I’m not rich enough to buy a house in the suburbs. Anyway, we entered in my flat had our meal and started to talk. We were laughing so loud that the elevator guy had to knock our door twice, or thrice, I actually don’t know.

Another surprise, she told me that she was going to live in the same town and was searching a flat. I yelled at her, I don’t know why I did that, I told her that she didn’t have to search a flat when I was living in the same town. I said we could share a flat, just like we shared our hostel room. And guess what? She agreed!

The shy girl in me was fading away. I was feeling dizzy a little bit and very wild. Maybe we drank too much. I couldn’t even feel my head. Maya got far more drunk than me. She started to tell everything about her last few years. How many guys she met, how she dated, how she got medications etc. Poor me, I was so sleepy that I slept right on that couch. And now all I knew was, I was flying in the sky with Dr.Richard. He was the superman and I was her one and only. So romantic!

The hangover was not over, still, I woke up. I don’t usually wake up early in the morning but it was 4am. And I almost forgot I had to review the documents of Mr. Rosewell.

Name: David Rosewell

Age: 28

Disease: schizophrenia

Inference: talks with himself and answers he’s talking with his girlfriend when asked.

Inspected by: Dr. Sara

That’s all I need to know!

To Be Continued……..

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