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The warmth of the bed calls me

But the cold still lingers in my room

I want to get to the dreamland

But it’s way too soon!


So I stare at the ceiling

A cold dark figure glares back at me

It’s pitch black and empty to be

Where screams of bellows call!

And I fall, amidst the thorns

The flowers decay near me!

To see; is one thing unclear

For it’s all but dark to me!


When I could follow the serenity

Peace becomes obscene, immoral

Far-fetched than the sun in the night!

The storm is uptight and lonely

When I have nothing to fight

Or have delight in the things unseen!

For gallows are the places

Where I have been!

Spending a long time amongst the dead

But I cannot turn my head,

For I am afraid I will feel the fear

Then I hear an utterance, somewhere near!


It’s bleak, rapturous, the smile!

But I know that illusion is devil’s game

So I turn my face for a while!

And look into the beautiful stature

That comes closer with every breath!

The voices in my head grow louder

My skin becomes pale!


The windshields break,

Pieces all around

An unknown presence,

From the underground

A cold touch on my forehead,

I scream, without a sound

Then all is silent and I’m nowhere to be found!

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