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A love letter to myself

Dear me,

How long has it been since I had a deep conversation with you? Probably, a long ago I don’t even remember. There are thousands of things that I have to share with you, myriads of unspoken words that I have to carve art out of.

You were there for me since the first day I was brought up in this world, this beautiful home of fake people who barely understand you. They are the one who tends to judge you without knowing the real ‘you’. They try to shatter your dreams without even understanding its worth. You are the most special person in my life who will never leave me, no matter whatever the circumstances are and no matter where I stand. I always remember you being by my side and supporting me every time I doubted myself, each time I questioned my capabilities and my strength. You taught me to brace up each time I fell and fight back.

There were even times when we had disputes over some issues. We disagreed with each other but at the end, it was just you and I who really cared about each other. Maybe I have hurt you a lot and forget you at times but we can never be parted from each other. You understand me as no one other does and our bond is really something to cherish about.

I have created everlasting memories with you that will barely be erased out my mind. Maybe it’s the first time I am confessing how much I love you but my love for you will never die. It might sound a little cliché but I am really incomplete without you. You complete me. You have taught me to love myself and accept who I am.

Words aren’t enough to describe how pure our bond is and tears are rolling down my face reminiscing each moment spent with you. Kudos to our eternal friendship!

Truly yours,

Avid learner

love letter to myself

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