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We all have had a crush on someone, at least once in our life. Isn’t it a wonderful thrill to silently look at your crush and just keep smiling? You must have made up a lovely conversation with them in your mind but have failed to do it in real. Or you may have collected all the guts to talk to them but were tongue-tied. Happens, it happens! So to all the people who are searching for the perfect words that will make you stand a chance to impress them, here are some cute things that will do the work:

Cute Paragraphs To Send To Crush – I

Dear crush, do you know that you are amazingly beautiful! Those eyes of yours glow like fireflies, which spread light onto darkness. One can look into them for hours and hours and will still be hooked into them, smiling like an idiot. And there is this smile of yours, which has something so angelic that simply makes my day. It just gets automatically better. My heart gets happy and then starts clapping “Because I’m happy”. Yep, my heart does sing and dance to that!

In our everyday lives, there are a lot of things and stress that we go through, but a sudden text from you brightens up my mood in no seconds. People say that “no one is perfect”, that may be because they haven’t got to know you. Your silly talks, your random giggles, your flaws, all make perfect sense to me. You speak with your eyes, there is nothing I have seen as astonishing as your eyes that speaks of your innocence and your beautiful heart.

Cute Paragraphs To Send To Crush – II

Dear crush, there is grace in everything you do, the way you smile, the way you laugh, the way you move your hands while talking. I wish I could stay around all day and watch you make those cute gestures. The vibe that you exude is prodigious, makes me wonder how someone can be so subtle yet absolutely wonderful. You are my absolute favorite!

Spending hours with you feels like nanoseconds, as time tends to pass by real quick when you are around. My heart cherishes the moments spent with you, and when you are not around it replays those moments in my mind in a loop. With you, my heart feels complete and comfortable, thus there is no other option left for me than feeling content.

here are some cute things that will do the work:

Cute Paragraphs To Send To Crush – III

Dear crush, you have made my world a lot happier, by just simply existing. You have no idea what sorcery your cute, cute smile does to my heart. No words would be sufficient to describe the butterflies in my tummy, which flutters nonstop when you glance at me. Because of you, I have discovered the Romeo version of myself, who gets as awestruck as SRK was when he first saw Sushmita Sen in Main Hoon Na.

Cute Paragraphs To Send To Crush – IV

My dear crush, you have helped me to picture how angels in heaven must look like.  You have that glowing skin, sparkling eyes, dazzling hair, melodious voice, except for the wings, which you must have left in heaven while descending to earth. You are adorable, you are funny, you are exhilarating, thank you for letting me know you. Thank you for being you!

These are a few lines you may use to spellbind your crush. Sparks are sure to fly when you say these words in a cool and compassionate way. Don’t stress over and go get the person of your dreams, they might be just waiting for you to make the first move. Good luck!

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