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I returned from college on a public bus today, and sat on the window seat. On the way a man, probably 35 or more, got in the bus and sat beside me. I had put on my earphones and was listening to music. After a few minutes he started pushing me. I thought he felt uncomfortable in the seat and so he was probably trying to adjust. I ignored it. Again after a moment he started doing the same. He was putting all his effort on pushing me. I looked at his face but he turned the other way. Slowly, his hands started moving. He was rubbing his elbows on my waist and was trying to move up.

Thankfully my arm was in between. He was trying to reach it but I firmly put my hand in between. He still tried to push me and kept rubbing his elbows. I put all my effort in blocking him and to some extent I was able to do that. I thought I had made him understand that I wasn’t comfortable but then he started rubbing his legs against mine. I shifted my legs but he did not quit. I felt like screaming at him but I couldn’t. All the muscles in my body were screaming. I tried to speak but my voice betrayed me. No words came out of my mouth. I was helpless. I have never felt so helpless in my life. I wanted to react but for some reason I couldn’t. I tried raise my voice but I couldn’t. Something was holding me back. Maybe it was the fact that I was in a public bus or maybe it was something else. Now that I think of it. I regret not having reacted to that situation. The first chance I got to shift from that seat I did.
I really wish I had reacted. Everyone should react. I couldn’t and I regret it. And I promised myself that if something like that ever happens to me which I hope never happens to anyone, I will react. I will make sure that person never has the guts to do something like that ever again.

That is an act of sexual harrassment. And now I vow never to stay silent.


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