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Remember The Days

It’s the small moments that we’ll always remember
The first hello, the goodbyes and the I hope I’ll see you again
The sweetness that lingers and the pain that leaves us in shreds
And it’s amazing how time heals everything
But emotions can run you over at any moment
In an instance, in an accidental sight
A song from the past, or the glimpse of a photograph
Our histories remain untouched and unchanged
And how sad we are deep inside
When on the outside we appear to smile
Because something so right somewhere went horrible wrong
The adorable ones became the untouchables
And these thoughts come back to you on a cold lonely winter’s day
It’s amazing how we lived through each of this moments
And we let it slide and slip away
Couldn’t we have mended it someway?
Couldn’t our love have lasted for years?
Some couples in the past, how out-of-place they seemed
And with six years between them, entwined they live
It could have been us, but you decided otherwise
Love goes two-way, it won’t work for just one of us
And today I feel sad
Because even now I project us
It’s just the matter of what we want in life
In each other’s lives where happiness is what it’s all about
Perhaps I dream of you in colours but you never see me
And those moments of wonder, to you was just a whisker
Maybe I was to you just one of them
And to me you were once the world
Every time you say heyo, I feel sad
Because the love reignites, but there’s no fuel for fire
How miserable your existence has made me
And how I wish this heart would grow, and
Would learn to forget the moments that once meant more


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