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The Seven Farewell

They were the worst tears I ever cried
They were the annihilation and nirvana
The door to the soul and out of it
The most precious, the seven farewells

One of seven, I smiled as I bode farewell
I was going away, and the splendid goddess
took revenge on me, for abandoning
I never told her that I was taken away

Two of seven, the soul was abducted
the prey fell in love with the hunter
It killed itself, for the killer’s grandeur
The hunter went home empty hands

Three of seven, the river has it in memory
the fur, the white, the prayers all went wasted
It was not just departure, it was death
The bridge then after always sang forlorn and empty

Four of seven, the heart stood on the line
It flows far above the seas and the mountains
just to be bruised, it hated the look of itself
and looked down on the dark of the hell

five of seven, heart and soul being down and dead
the chocolate fumed body played the war
but then it was like so holy, but then it
gave the worst, worst, worst wound ever

Six of seven, the eyes came in play
the fairytales, the tears went away and wild
the dolls, the princess, the flowers and hanging garden
but then the princess turned to clay

Seven of seven, the clay distorted from its shape
wore a mask, wore a smile, and stood to look like the splendid goddess
with full of revenge, full of envy and punished
who seemed to go, who seemed to fail

One, two, three, four, five ,six, seven
The splendid goddess and her heaven
broke everything to seven
The colors than one turned to seven
The one then became seven the seas
The seven heaven, seven keys
The seven, seven days
and herself into seven clays

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