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The girl with a mask on

People often misunderstood her for
any other normal girl
but she was different.

She put on a mask
that would fool everyone,
except for her own self.

She neither put on make-ups
nor was she interested in boys,
she thought this whole world was a huge act
and people were all puppets and toys.

She showed no interest in any relationship
she was like a free spirit.
She often found herself lost in space,
space filled with her imaginations
that always put a grin on her face.

She was all filled with glee,
well that was what everyone saw
but deep inside her heart she was all breaking and wearing out,
slowly crumbling down and crawled.

She often found herself at the end of the world
all bruised and scarred
she often found herself trapped in loneliness
all worn out and barred.
Yet nobody found out what state she was in because she was the girl,
the girl with a mask on.

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