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I’m in love with a stranger,
Yes, I am

I have never seen him before,
I don’t even know his features
But I’m certain I will know it’s him,
When I see him in my future

I’m in love with a stranger,
Yes, I am

couple holding fingers, in love with a stranger

Photo: Unsplash/ Valentin Antonucci

I hear his laughter amid the crowd
And sometimes even hear him sing
I see left and right, even out the window
But no signs of him, I lose him in a blink

He moves with the clock ticking
I find him in lines of my favorite book
And as I hold his hands in my dreams
His hands give off the warmest feeling

He is the pat on my head
And the tap on my shoulder
I just stare at my ring
And it says I’m to be his

Maybe someday, somewhere I will bump into him
It might be soon or tomorrow too
I’ll continue my search
For him, for my happily ever after.

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