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Coherent existence of Shiva Shakti might be in its complete essence depicting the symmetric existence and dissolution of particle-anti particle pair. Pure understanding of Vedic says what governs the whole cosmos governs the minute world saying wave-paricle duality exist on gradure scale but in different form. It might take the form of mass-energy, stillness-randomness, darkness-light. Hindu textbooks differs on description of origin of Light. Light as per our cultural understanding is the source of the origin of this cosmos with other five elementary and rudiments of the cosmos. Instant origin of cosmic egg i.e. Hiranyagarbha out of nothingness of Shiva is most difficult and deep refelction behind our Brahmanda origin. This origin and dissolution of the form Shakti from Shiva is the cyclic life of all Cosmos which originated, still progressing and will exist after our universe ceases to be.This existence of Materialistic form out of nothingness does not simply happens at particular stance and might pop out anywhere completely depending on the probability of the occurance. Such is the nature of wave-particle duality of quantum mechanics.
Decoding the nature of lord Shiva on infinite scale requires high penance and dedication towards him and the day might or might not be for the mathematical description of the same. Qunatum theory of wave propagation is the closest we got till this centurys´ mathematics which would be just a buff few centuries back.

Youngs double slit experiment says presence of any observer results in dissolution of the wave function and gets assigned in particle form at particular location. Apply this concept to the understanding of our Paramatma; our Lord Shiva is omniscience, omni potence, omni benevolence, omni presence; we can relate these attribute to wave and see they do match exactly the same way. The only concept differing is that vedic science says all is hold together through Aatma or the soul which might be the missing piece in understanding the nature of our Cosmos. We will discuss in detailed way in following pages regarding the concept of aatma or spirit which embodies all things in the nature including cosmos itself. Rigorous sadhana or enchanting the hymns of the cosmos results in appearance of the gods and goddesses can be perfectly described through this Youngs experiment quoting the person doing these penance are actually acting as the observer for the wave nature of cosmos to be physically present as materialistic form. Doing these penance is rough and takes thousands of years; form of sadhana or understanding your inner self is less time taking than enchanting songs and mantras as per Vishupurana. Path to knowledge and dedication to work is the way to self discovery.

How can one explain the Shiva himself? As already depicted there are some things in this cosmos which can be understood only by the person experiencing the particular feeling; such is the nature of Shiva, Bhagwana or Parmatma. Self realisation is the Brahmanda and Bhagwan realisation. Saying this we have known what governs the whole universe also governs the inner you. In the path of this understanding, we can just speculate what nothingness or voidness is. As the word nothingness is falsely used and there is still something in nothingness or emptiness. There is no word to describe such environment hence for the ease of the dictionary we say it is emptiness or blackness or absence of light. Shiva is eternal has the sense of infinity in mathematics. Demand of space and time is mere subtle while talking the abode of Shiva or Shiva himself. Scientifically speaking, bhagwan might represent the wholesome existance, each point vibrating and fluctuating in the desirable degree of freedom. There can another interpretation of the Supreme god. As said in many religion the idea of Light is the beginning of the Universe by quoting Let there be Light. What existed before hand where the universe did not even exist. We can speculate and say there existed light completely trapped on special knot on each points which we worship as Shiva himself. Unfolding of this knot through certain circumstances might be the beginning of the creation of the cosmic egg of our universe. These two representation of Shiva as wave conundrum extending on his desirable degree of dimensional freedom or as cosmic knot of light can be someday mathematically proven or might not be proven as the Shiva might be something which can only be realised through eternal bliss. If so then how did this state completely disintegrated to form our materialistic universe. Or how did Shakti or cosmic egg or Hiranyagarbha come to exist out of this completely different state. We might be able to explain this phenomena due to the quantum mechanical ideas. Act of observing might have resulted this Shiva wave form to take the form of Shakti or Hiranyagarbha; act of observing might have caused these cosmic knots to bind and form a grand knot in the form of cosmic egg. Again saying that we have said that only Shiva existed firsthand then who did the act of observing. Let us not misinterprate and misguide ourself saying that there is only one form of Shiva.

We, Hindus, worship Shiva in all forms saying matter is Shiva, Time is Shiva, Cosmos is Shiva, Parmatma is Shiva, Brahmanda is Shiva, human emotions is Shiva, and further we can go on and on. String theorists are needing extra dimensions in understanding the quantum world but not in the form of space but in the form of consciousness and feelings. This seems hard to grasp. Recently scientists are saying our mind has ability to decode upto 11 dimensions. Let me elaborate; we are living in three space and one time dimension as we usually experience. Then comes quantum mechanics needing complex planes to understand quantum spin of the particles. These complex planes are as you imagined complex numbers or imaginary numbers which go beyond our 4D world but they do not matter much as real value because these complex values does not impact much in our world. Here our Vedic science says these complex values do matter while discussing the idea of whole cosmos. Still not able to conteplate the idea talked here; image in our world to make complete circle we need 360 degree which we can say for a particle to make one turn it rotates 360 degree or a particle has to rotate 360 degree to return to its original orientation. There are other particles which needs 2 turns i.e. 720 degrees to return to its orientation. Applying same phenomena; we can say that the wave function which permeated or exists has same ability and might take different form depending upon the degree of rotation or degree of freedom it takes. Meaning same function can take a specific form if it has one rotational momentum and might take another form if it has another rotational momentum. We can justify the cosmic knot of light in the same wa saying surface of one particular knot can be rotating on one particular rotational value whereas other knot can be rotating on another particular rotational value but still able to enclose the light within.
Idea of wave function as Iswara or Supreme being seems more logical and valid henceforth we will be comprehensing this particular idea. As discussed earlier; this particular wave entity has been making different forms depending upon the degree of freedom then we can speculate one form being the observer and other being observed. I cannot point out what forms it holds within and which aspect of observing resulting in universe creation but I can assure you that memory of previous creation has played a crucial role in our Brahmanda Utpati. A baby just born in the world learns by taking the path of life and so does our whole cosmos. As per Vedic science, our present universe has the memories imprints of our earlier universe and these imprints play a major role in the cosmic balancing. These cosmic imprints helps our universe to be more intellect and blissful place. These cosmic imprints or memories are what we refer as Parmatma or the universal soul or the ultimate consciousness or the Iswara or the Brahman. Act of observer might have been done by this memory imprints or the universal soul or one of the form of Shiva; what he observed took the shape of cosmic egg from Shiva himself then few moments after began the beginning of time and the known materialistic universe as it became alive due to Parmatma entering.
Everything can be thought as Living; each have the soul or All are the materialistic abode of the soul including the cosmos himself/herself.

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