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Still standing strong

The snow glows white
Like a diamond
On the mountain tonight
The cold breeze that passes the horizon
And as I stand here
I think of you
How do you still stand strong?
Conquering all the morbidness

Back in the days
Ran away from the house
Came here to your place
Instantly felt peace and warmth
A feeling like a home: saintly

Have known your children
Since you welcomed me at your place
These trees have given me shed
To cover me from reality
These sunflowers smile
A little with me when I am sad
And the birds sing along with me
To the rhythm of my heart

Have grown up with them
Used to measure my height
With your eldest child’s trunk
Were both young and naive
Now after all these years and time;
I look small, grey, and enfeebled
But your eldest child
Today still looks strong and superior
What’s the secret?

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