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Oh dear,
hear a story I got to tell
It’s the story of an unborn child and how it got to feel.
It’s warm and cozy inside mama ‘s womb.
Love just started to bloom.
I was a seed
Dreaming to be a tree.
To be a good person I dreamed
Make parents proud that’s all I esteemed.
Everything was joy and fine
Until the time,
When they wonder if I was a girl or a boy.

I was a girl seed
Then they agreed, I was not they need.
They thought I would not be much more than a mouth to feed.
I was a third occurred as a girl,
They thought me as a growing peril.
Twist and swirl
And an act of distortion decided to get an abortion.
All my vision and cell Division were in a collision because of their decision.
Imprecision, Illusion giving birth to a boy leads you to heaven is the motherfucking delusion.
The womb is not safe anymore
Tried to kill my spore,
This is all I was sent for?

I was in great pain,
sadness and sorrow I contain
Is there anyone to hear me complain?
Who cared for my little life,
No one,
at least mama you should have cared for my life after all you have been a good wife.

Hey hypocrites,
Let me out to see my dreamworld
Let me do something good for the world.
What If Marie Curie’s parents thought of dropping her,
Please unlearn the bullshit belief
Girls are more precious then you think,
But no one here to listen, my little voice and sworn
cause I am still unborn.

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