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You and I,
We were like..
the kite and the one who flies it.
You were my favourite kite,
In my favourite colour red,
With a big yellow spot..
And I never wanted to fly you,
Because i feared you going away,
Feared losing you if the thread cuts..
But your happiness lied..
Far…far away from me.
You wanted to soar high in the blue sky,
Reaching places I couldn’t take you with me..
I always had reasons not to fly you,
Some days were too sunny,
Some too windy..
Some too gloomy.
Amongst these endless battles of reasons,
You were wearing out,
Fading the color,
Tearing at edges…
That very moment,
I let you fly,
Reach the heights.. You’d always dreamt of.
With every last bit of thread left,
I let you fly..
I didn’t unwind,
Though i wanted to..
Very much.
And right in front of my eyes..
I let go off the thread from my hand..
For the last time I look at you,
Just a red tiny spot..
And i turn around,
Never looking back again..
I let you fly….

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