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One of artworks from Bidhata KC's Leaf Series from Thopaharu

One of artworks from Bidhata KC’s Leaf Series under Thopaharu. Photo Courtesy: Bidhata KC

Despite our earnest desire to step into the world and explore, many of us feel chained by societal barriers and their responsibilities or get comfortable in our comfort zones. That’s exactly what Thopaharu, an expressive collection of paintings by Bidhata KC, exhibits using something as simple as leaves for inspiration.

Thopaharu is a collection of total 21 art pieces, comprising Leaf Series and Travel Series, spread across the walls of GG Machhan, Pulchowk.

Visual artist KC says, “Just like different shapes and sizes of leaves give identity to a tree, our dreams and passion give identity to our lives. We all have that one ambition in our life, just like the midrib we see in a leaf. But like the veins, we are scattered to different directions in search of different things. However, they cannot go beyond the leaf and that’s what resonated with me. I experienced many societal pressures, barriers and lack of confidence while I was still struggling to create my identity. And, during that time, I started deeply associating myself with a leaf.”

Bidhata KC with her artworks from Thopaharu at GG Machhan

Bidhata KC with her artworks from Thopaharu at GG Machhan, Pulchowk.

Highly inspired by her father, KC had started doodling and sketching from her childhood. When hobby progressed into passion, she studied art and started working professionally from 2007. Her artworks majorly discuss women-based issues like dowry and commodification of their identity as well as other social, political, cultural and contemporary issues.

There’s another reason to choose leaf as an inspiration, she says. “Though leaves give trees their identity and are absolutely essential, fruits that trees bear attract more attention. When we get the results, we forget all our hardships that guided us there. I want to tell the stories of those leaves and acknowledge them.”

Artworks from Bidhata KC's Travel Series from Thopaharu

Bidhata KC’s Travel Series from Thopaharu. Photo Courtesy: Bidhata KC

Her Travel series, on the other hand, draws inspiration from her trip to Mustang, few years back. “I absolutely loved the surroundings and houses/structures I saw during that trip. The interaction and reaction I had then gave me such a spiritual experience. I could feel the nothingness, like a barren soul, and I portrayed them all in my Travel Series,” she adds.

This is her seventh solo exhibition and, much like her previous ones, has evoked many thought-processes among its viewers. Different from her previous gallery-exhibitions, this one has attracted a very mixed audience. “When the artworks are in the studio, they are artists’ but when in exhibitions, they belong to viewers. The artworks are free for interpretation and I always welcome new perspectives,” she adds.

Her artworks are not only for audiences to learn from, however. They are also a great source of learning for art students, especially when it comes to the textures and techniques. KC mostly works with acrylic colors but, every now and then, she also works with installations and prints.

The exhibition started from July 3 and will continue till July 31. You can go and enjoy Bidhata KC’s beautiful illustrations.

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