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It is said, travelling is one of the best way to learn things. Well the argument proved true in my case as well. Apart from many site visits, I’ve made, this one (27 July – 30 July 2015) proved to be much worthy not only from the viewpoint of work that I’ve accomplished but also the life principles that I got to learn and embed it with me.

  1. Team Responsibility: When you are working in a team, although a specified work is given to a particular person, overall the responsibility falls within a team. If there’s something wrong in the work performed, whole team is responsible for it, even if that error was originated due to minor mistake of a particular member.
  1. Leadership: The quality of a true leader is to be able to take the responsibility of the whole team. He is obliged to increase the team spirit. A leader cannot walk away, he needs to hear, analyze and perform.
  1. Working at community level: is a great challenge that I got to witness and be a part of. Community is not homogeneous, it’s a heterogeneous mixture of people. Different people possess varying thoughts, but you should always favor the truth, which ultimately is the correct path.
  1. Telling weakness: If you find mistake/weakness of any person in your team, tell him and not others, because it is he who needs to correct. Telling other persons is waste of your energy as well as your personality.

And never tell your weakness to anyone, because people might take advantage of it and seriously who would want their advantage to be taken of, but do realize your weakness and strengthen it gradually. Always shine in front of others with the strength you have gathered in your life.

  1. Staying calm: I’ve read at many places, where it writes something like, “Keep Calm and………”. That was written for a reason. When a load of uncertainties and emotions revolve around your head, all you can do is stay calm. Above all. staying calm is best when you are so angry that you can’t even speak.
  1. Compete with yourself: Never compete with any other unless it’s a competition. If you want to compete and win, you do it with your own standard set by yourself. That’s because you have no idea of other person’s resources, weakness as well as his strength. Always work hard to better yourselves every day.

It doesn’t matter how slow you move, unless you stop moving. Better yourself every day and one day you will reach towards perfectionism, and at that point if you look at yourself and others, results might be surprising.Also when you compete with others, you limit yourself to the standard of others, while you were born to reach the status of that shining star.

There’s nothing new lesson here, if taken as a theory, but regardless knowing all these theory before, I got opportunity to be a part of these theories, within that 3 days and this time I am hopeful that these qualities shall remain with me forever.

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