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People all around the world love to travel but not everyone is born as a great traveler. It is something that only comes after on-the-road experience. People might make many mistakes at the beginning. New travelers are likely to miss buses, behave carelessly, be unaware about cultural norms and values, among others. But this is all normal and is the beginning of the learning process. If you are also thinking of traveling and you are new, here are some traveling tips and tricks for you so you can save your money, get better sleep and become a better traveler.

The first traveling tips and tricks is to research before traveling:

The first and foremost part of traveling is to do research before you travel. Learning and gathering information about the place helps you to make better plans for your trip. It will help you know which will be the best hotel for you to stay in and how far is the market from your place. Without such information, you might not know where to go or what to do and even what to pack, as needed.

The second is to buy a right backpack/suitcase:

Traveling tips and tricks for better travel.-backpack (2)

Photo: Unsplash/Josiah Weiss

If you are going to purchase a backpack or suitcase, go for the small ones. By purchasing a small suitcase or backpack of around 35/40 liters, so you will be forced to take less stuff. If you buy bigger ones, you will end up taking much unnecessary stuff and will later regret it. Carry only as much as you can.

So, pack only what’s necessary:

This point, in the list of traveling tips and tricks, can’t be stressed enough. You don’t have to take ten shirts or six pairs of shoes while traveling. Couple of t-shirts and pants fewer clothes and even one pair of shoes will be enough for a week or so long trips. It is fine to wear the same dress over and over again unless it’s too dirty. Make a list of only necessary items you will absolutely need and try to cut down as much as possible. Traveling light will make your trip much easier.

Next on the list of traveling tips, take extra socks:

While one pair of shoes is enough, you should always take extra pairs of socks. First, if you are on a trek or walking a longer distance, you are likely to have sweaty, smelly shoes. So changing socks is a better, easier way. Also, you might easily lose socks in the laundry. Sock can sometimes even get torn apart while hiking or trekking. So fresh pairs of extra socks will definitely come in handy and will not consume much of your space.

Also, don’t forget to pack a towel:

While you are traveling you must carry one or two towel(s). You may never know when you will be needing it. Whether it’s at the beach or on a picnic or even trek, a towel is a must; it can be a great help. Although hotels offer you towels, carrying a small towel won’t hurt anyone and doesn’t even add much weight to your backpack.

Traveling tips and tricks for better travel.-toewls

Photo: Unsplash/Denny Muller

And carry a lock in your backpack

Always carry a lock in your suitcase or in a backpack when you stay in dorms. Locking your stuff will ensure the safety of your belongings. It is ideal to carry a small lock with combinations rather than keys. If you carry the lock with a key, the key might get lost and you will lose excess to your belongings.

Last but not the least of the traveling tips and tricks for you is to always carry a debit/credit card:

While traveling, some disasters like robbery or misplacing of your belongings can occur. So you should always carry a debit or a credit card along with you while traveling and keep it on you. If you don’t carry an extra card you might get stuck somewhere new and with nothing. It is always good to have a backup so you can save your time.

But most importantly, always inform your family or friends about your trip. If you are on trekking then do remember to inform your nearby scouts or embassies. This will ensure your safety and will be of great help if any emergency occurs.

Hope these traveling tips and tricks helped you with your travel so you can have a safe and memorable journey.

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