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Location: Just somewhere on the road.

Scenario: I am upset for some reason that cannot really be expressed in such a public manner.

Story: I am walking, at first in a hasty manner, away from the source of my distress, and then slowly because I am drained emotionally and my body cannot stand the physical exertion. I keep my eyes down. Generally when I am upset, I try to look where I am going since I cannot really risk tripping over something and falling flat on my arse or worse, my face in public. I know that will cause more agony to me.

So I am just walking randomly on the road avoiding public eyes, but then I have to look up to see which direction I am headed for. That’s when I see her; an acquaintance really, a friend of a friend. Not much of a pretty face but today she is glowing. I wonder how she could look so stunning all of a sudden today. Then I notice her smile. She is looking so pretty because she is smiling so broadly like she is never going to be able to, ever again. I remember the frown upon my face and realise how ugly I must be looking. I try to find a reflection; anything would’ve done – a shop window, a motorbike looking glass, someone with large enough sunglasses, a clothing store. I find a car parked nearby and see my reflection. I look miserable. I am close to tears. I have to admit, I am also not blessed with a pretty face but with that frown on my face, I look worse. I take a deep breath, close my eyes and do my best at a smile – my lips part a bit, the corners try to lift themselves up, my eyes brighten up a bit.

Then I look again. I don’t look stunning but I don’t look as worse as before.

Lesson: Someone has said rightly, “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

Cheers to you!!

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