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We were at the crossroads and we meet often at the crossroads of life. There is enough distance between us now. Unnoticed are we, by each other. Pretending as if, we have never seen each other in life. As if we never walked along together. BUT we both know we did. We walked along, surpassing boundaries, feelings and sometimes ourselves. We walked. We had walked. We dreamed. We had dreamed. In thousands of dreams, only one gets fulfilled. Did I trespass your heart? or is it you who trespassed mine? Or we both did and we both are guilty of it? And is it because of that we are facing forever painful “boil” in our life.

Memories are now locked as in Pandora’s box. One by one, if I open it stings, bites and wounds time and again. The difference is such that, Pandora’s box ended up with “Hope”, but you forgot to gift me hope. Heavy are eyes with sleep. But there is no wish in these eyes to sleep. I want to wake up. I want to open this box of memories that you gifted while you moved away. Was our meeting only a coincidence? Diving over the ocean of memories suffocates me.

You didn’t notice the twinkling eyes of mine, did you? Did you notice the flame in my heart? Could you ever feel the pain my feet suffered while walking along with you? Could you feel the watery boils in my feet? All gave me pleasure instead. They gave memories. Memories and Memories. Can you ever feel that how I went through the tragic nights?

Tiny drops wet the eyelids. Capricious waves shake heart. Overwhelming memories stings. How can pain be so sweet? How can pain give so much of pleasure? What is the connection between this pain and pleasure? Are you feeling the same – Walker?


—The End–


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