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Spare Me From The Lies

Is it just not redundant to love and not nurture?
Using emotions with some sweet talks,
Making me lay awake at night; anxious and with pounding heart,
While making drunk calls to others all that time?

I don’t have much to say,
I don’t have much to do,
Say you love me,
Why is there no proof?

I am not the man I was,
This has gotten over my head,
From all that I have been through,
This is all heard and said.

I am sorry for I have walked this road before,
I have followed the light till the end and left my feet sore,
I have faced all the sinned and committed some crime,
No no no darling, not a worthy place anymore.

You say there is no time to spare,
No time to talk,
Every night but you pass,
Wasted and drunk and putting lies first.

So my darling, please spare me the hurt,
End these Red Hearts and Flying Kisses glazed talks,
For I know what stings deep inside,
I can tell the difference; the truth and the lies.

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