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A child wailed as a couple embraced
For he knew the freedom he had
In confinement was forever lost.

As the couple embraced, the child wailed
For he was now in chains…

At birth, he lost his identity.
At birth,  he lost his freedom.
At birth,  he was chained.

A label was stamped on him.
A religion imposed on him.
An ideal thrust upon him.

Lost was his identity…
Violated was the Canvas,
And his Vision blurred.

To the school, he went –
To get educated, to be liberated…
Alas, the chain was elongated “-Teachers-Books-Friends-“

Trapped in, and by birth,
Brought up under the elusive illusion of chains,
Freedom, he thought, was a heaven send.

Half his life he was on a journey,
On a journey to break the chains…
Hydra-esque it elongated and strengthened.

In trying to escape, deeper he went,
Deeper into Daedalus’s design
And like the Minotaur, he was forever trapped.

A puppet unaware of the strings,
Clockwork-like, he, a wind-up-bird
Puppeted into oblivion.

Shackled by chains, controlled by the unseen strings,
As he, one day, embraced his clockwork happiness,
Another child wailed. Doomed to become a Sheep.

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