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Relation break-up, stand out

I saw you on a subway

Things are so deep into your heart

Fast beating heartbeat

I looked at your face how loving and caring as ever

You are beautiful as much as you were in your teen

I guess you are another stage of your life

Supposedly you are with another man

But don’t freak out seeing your old friend


We came across again

You looked in rush

Again you fell in deep silence

Awkward moments

again spike of phenomena in between on past

A flashback unwinds

I can guess

Your angers appetite

Feels like heart is longing

The distances apart in between us

I know you cared so much

You wanted me badly

A happily ever couple


Something has come

Things have changed

All Water evaporated

Many sands stormed out at desert

Leaving just the memories behind us



We go on in the opposite

We move forward since then

Living each other no room

We all know heart can change

But some inside still unchaged in you in me

A flashback

Years together

Devastating Earthquakes

We fought and found loves



Relations break heart breaks

Life stuck at turbulence stagnant

Everything you touch surly dies

Even closest friend gonna live you forever

A rainbow happens in just a while

You can’t figure out

Your tomorrow never and ever

Even you believe today

Tomorrow you believe other than that

You just gotta walk by

On a sharp shredder

Bloody your footsteps


Whoever has born

will surely suffer

That’s how life is about

hard and humble

joy missery, ecstasy agony


Blended with fireworks

Process of Being a man

A solid man

A mountain man

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