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4 Monsoon Must haves!!!

It’s time monsoon must have ended but it has not. It is

better to be prepared than be wet and dirty. Here are 4

things you must never leave home without in this season.

You never know when the rain might catch you up.

  1. Umbrellas:  first thing first. Umbrellas are the super must haves. Pick up the monochromatic or floral designs to match with your dress.
  1. Boots or sandals: While the streets are literally drowning now, don’t ask how boots can turn into a life savior in the streets of Kathmandu during rain. They will keep you dry and cleannnn. Or you can simply buy some super cheap sandals/chappals and wear it through.Choose among colors and keep them sassy.
  2. Waterproof bag: waterproof bag is must to store all the important documents and gadgets. Afterall you don’t want the rain to destroy your precious belongings.
  1. Waterproof makeup:  Imagine you are walking through the rain and turn into some circus clown as you reach your destination. you wont let that happen. You just need a set of waterproof makeup for use these days.


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