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You decide to take a break from everything

even if it’s just for a while.

You walk down the road, to a coffee shop all alone

having nothing to smile. You sit on a chair

with mobile in your pocket and earpiece in your ear

then you wonder, “Why did life become so unfair?”.

You order a cold mocha

wait for some time

still trying to figure out

what’s going in your mind?

Your order arrives

and you think to yourself

hope my brain doesn’t think of it as another bribe.

You take the straw in your mouth and pray

that coffee would flood up the drought.

You see the liquid coming through the straw, twisting and turning

hoping it would cool up your soul that has been burning.

It’s summer yet, you are shivering, your hands, legs, body won’t stop shaking

is it the coldness of the mocha or

just another poem inside you baking?

The bitterness and sweetness make you realize aren’t that what life is? both bitter and sweet.

You stare out of the window but you don’t enjoy the serenity, the fluffy cotton-like clouds, the greenery

instead, you are fixated in the clouds that is all dark and look like wet stones,

the barren land, and other depressing stuff.

You lit yourself a cigarette

you inhale some smoke and it makes your mind all foggy which already is clouded.

You see the smoke and ponder if it is making a figure of something.

After some moment you see those ice cubes in your cup,

that is as cold as your heart and you run down the spoon to search choco-chips

just like you search for some kindness in your heart.

You finish the smoke and put out the cigarette thinking

why can’t I put out my insecurities, just like that?

After everything is done

you leave the shop

all alone

with that luggage in your heart

and the soothing music of the song.

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