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look the moon is alone but it can shine in the darkest nights

now all your shine has gone because you are afraid of walking alone

when you have chance to get that but you are lost to face that

when you dont have people to talk with but you wish you had one to walk with

just close your eyes and hear your voice

take some time and make a choice

walk along the path and follow your soul

you have to walk to achieve your goal

in the race of life, when you see the world so far and hopeless you find yourself at the last

take a breathe and run but dont chase them run alone with a believe in yourself and face them

dont feel sad for having no friends remember no one will leave with you at the end

even when the world will not stand by you remember people who can walk alone are very few

and, alone doesnt mean incomplete

when you have the whole world to defeat

they say you can only lie

go and show them that you can fly

                                                                         SNEHA JOSHI

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