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We want success and fame in our lives but at the same time we are scared to make any attempts to change our situations. We are reluctant to get out of our comfort zone. It’s rather easier for us to spend our time sleeping, watching television or hanging on social media than making any attempts. Facing our fears scares us so we choose to complain about it and blame others. We blame our luck and God for not giving us the opportunity we want. But if you are not happy with your life, know that it is time for change. If you want to change your life, you have to work on it yourself. But one might not always know from where to start. So, if you want to know how to change your life, here are few things you can work on for a better life.

Stop waiting for the perfect moment

Perfect Time

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If you really want to change your life stop waiting around for the perfect moment, when everything just magically falls into place. There will be no such moments, it’s up to you to make moment perfect with your hard work. Even if we keep on saying that we want better life, we are not willing to do anything different. So, if you want to be successful in life, stop waiting and start trying from today.

Stop complaining

Complaining about something is the easiest thing to do. People would rather complain to their friends, family and the facility than trying to change their situations. They easily develop negative attitude towards anything that hinders them from achieving something. But if want to achieve something, you have to act upon it and change your situation yourself.

Stop trying to please everybody


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One of the most common mistakes people do is they tend to please everyone else. But if you try to please everyone else by sacrificing your own happiness, you are going to be miserable and unhappy. Even more so, when the very people you are trying to please don’t even appreciate the efforts. You need to live on your own life, make plans for yourself and aim to make your dream come true. So, don’t try to please anybody else, it’s only you who matters in your life.

Stop worrying about others’ opinions

Along with trying to please others, we also worry about what people say. We seek validation from people and tend to change our decisions fearing their opinions. But we forget that no matter how much we try, people find something to criticize on. The mistake we make is that we start to mold ourselves to fit into the expectation of others, and we put the control on their hands. People who love you will accept you for who you are and people who hate you will find something to criticize on. So, make your choices and live by those decisions. Take responsibility for what and how you do it, not how others will perceive it.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Another one of our bad habits is that we often compare ourselves to others. We compare and determine how well we are doing in our lives based on the success and failures of others, which ultimately makes us unhappy and unsatisfied. Everyone has their own skills and capabilities, but comparing will only bring your moral down and it will reflect on your confidence. So, you have to stop comparing and start working for what you want.

Stop worrying about failures

Failure is success in progress

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Not all of our efforts bear desire results, which means we are bound to fail sometimes. But those who don’t even try thinking of the negative consequences are sure to fail. The fear of failure results in low self–esteem, leads them to avoid challenging situations, become pessimistic and cheat. No one should fear failure, even if you fail understand that you are not at loss, take it as an opportunity to learn and be better next time. No one has ever gained success in their first try so, keep on trying.

So stop wasting your time, stop scrolling your Facebook feeds and feeling down seeing your classmates getting a new job, getting promoted or traveling to new places. Stop being lazy and stop making excuses, get up and work everyday to change your life.

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