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These days I take my soul out for a walk

along the roads, all alone

and compare myself with stuff I see.

I set the volume of the music player on my earphone at maximum but still could hear my thoughts loud and clear.

I see the roads and say to myself, life is similar to these roads, ups, and downs, twists and turns.

I see tall buildings, but not as tall as my egos.

I come upon parched lands and realize how barren my heart is.

I see a tree that’s no longer alive, leaves all gone, branches all dried up yet standing still, just like me, hope all gone, aspirations all dried up yet still striving on.

I see temples and ask myself, why isn’t my soul holy?

I see a kid riding a bicycle slow and his friend push it from the back, will something or someone come along the way to push my life too?

I see a pond and wonder how I believed that drowning in a pond of liquor would ease up my pain.

I see smoke coming out of the burning waste and realize how smoke came out of my mouth ‘coz of the burning lungs.

I see an old couple and ponder myself, will I ever find a soul mate? Or am I destined to be a lone wolf?

I see potters resting by the way and ask my consciousness, why don’t you rest for a while?

I see feathers and hope my heart is as light as these feathers so no matter how much I fall I’d end up securely on land.

Lastly, I see these carvings on stones and question myself, was I able to leave my footprints on people’s lives so that even after I’m gone that they’d remember me?

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