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Creativity simply is using our imagination and own ideas to make it a reality. It is just anything and everything that we give life to. Creativity can be found in paintings, writings, music, and in our daily life as well, as we pass by each second in the day. We are living in the age of creativity. Anything without a hint of creativity is termed as cliché, especially in the writings. Creative writing is the art of making things up and putting together the ideas and thoughts of your imagination in your writing.

Creative writing allows you to step out of your everyday reality into a new world, where you can experiment and express your feelings. There is not a proper rule or standards to be followed. The beauty of creative writing is that it is unique to everything in the world.

Importance of creative writing

We have come to that part of the time where no ideas in the minds of the individuals are original. There have been lots of people who have had the same thought, written the same story, created similar music and many such things. How we bring the uniqueness to that same old thought depends on our own hands. Adding creativity; our own touch to the particular idea adds a new and a better flavor to the existing ideas. Just like that, creative writing has been the demand of the present time.

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If you own a blog, creative writing is of utmost importance to you. Especially if you are into SEO writing, creative writing is what helps you gather more readers and gain more engagement. Also, content accompanied by your own creativity aids in the quality of your writing and supports the SEO efforts.

With creative writing, one feels more comfortable in what they are creating in their mind and pouring it down in words. It has been proven to help students find easiness and freedom to express their thoughts and emotions wholeheartedly. Along with helping students to experiment and unleash their creative side, it helps to improve language learning.

The anecdotes that you write create a world of diversity in experience and perspective. You get to use your own personal experience along with the facts or professional perspective. You get to become a storyteller.

Creative writing allows you space to perfectly use your sarcasm. With humor and sarcasm, you get to express your ideas better. Even if it’s an idea that has been available for ages, giving a sarcastic angle to it makes it unique and better, if not.

Tips for writing

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  1. Be comfortable with writing poor, uninteresting, boring and weak lines. That way you will slowly be able to observe how not to write. Allowing yourself the freedom to write poorly gives you the power to experiment and with great experiments come great results.
  2. Do proper research on the topic that you want to write about. Gather as much information as you can that seems appropriate for your content. Then let your mind use the available information and allow itself to add its own flavor to it.
  3. Know your audience. Realize who your target audiences are and be observant to write in a way you hook your audience.
  4. Be careful with grammar. No one likes reading anything with grammatical errors unless it’s their children doing it, which is clearly not the case here.
  5. Read lots of books, stories, novels, newspapers, and magazines. Allow your mind to gather as much knowledge as it can. It will be beneficial in the long run.
  6. To represent the same old ideas you can take the help of your humor. People love to read pieces with a sense of humor. You can benefit from it if humor comes to you naturally. Even if you don’t with few practices you will strengthen that humor muscle in you.

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