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“All art is but dirtying the paper delicately.” -John Ruskin

Doodles are fun, quick and can usually emphasize on a special meaning, or nothing at all. It acts as a mediator between the spectrum of thinking too much and thinking too little.

Be it a boring lecture in class, or a really long conversation on phone with a pen and paper in hand, we all start doodling: out of boredom, stress or excitement. But then there’s me, doodling through life because sketching nice and proper takes a lot of time!

Here are some of my doodles, some are just what I wish for in the future, some represent me (like the girl eating pizza, haha) and well, some are just kinda nice.

Nevertheless, take a look!

Let’s build a house, a small world of our love.


Like hot plates of momo on super rainy days, you bring me happiness in little funny ways.


The same place that’s dark and cold without you, is warm, bright and happy now that you are here.


Somehow this love is so deep and stubborn, it doesn’t go away no matter how many times it’s washed.


you tug my heart-strings


5 minutes of extra sleep in the morning seriously does matter!


Who needs friends when you can get food!


Let’s grow old together.

One doesn’t have to be Picasso or DaVinci to make great works of art. One just needs to be himself and let the pencil/pen/brush in his hand do wonders on the paper or any given material.

One doesn’t need to do great doodles. One just needs to do.

Be BOLD or ITALIC, never regular.

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