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Daily Routine is go-to for time management and keeping track of self but hacking daily routine for time management is something you ought to do for the purpose of a proper drive. In the traditional daily routine, it’s often time vs. activity i.e. activity is matched with certain time with the fixture.

Traditional Daily Routine
7:00AM => Wake up
7:00-7:30AM => Freshen up
7:30-8:00AM => Exercise
8:00-8:30AM => Meditate
… and so on.

While this approach is okay to start with, I felt a major defect in the system. I tried to schedule my day in similarly but the first day after planning I woke up at 7:45 AM which was 45 mins after the targeted time. This left me depressed and not continuing or finishing up with the schedule. It’s not that I quit at the very first day, I tried for a week but minor delays was somehow affecting the whole flow.

After watching myself suffering for a while, I started thinking that the time was not and should not be more important than my mental calmness, the sense of satisfaction. Hence, the alternative approach I came up with was valuing tasks based on the time it would take rather than fixed time frame.

Hacked Daily Routine
With that change the schedule came to be something like this:

Freshen Up => 30 Mins
Exercise => 30 Mins
Meditate => 30 Mins
… and so on.

Well, yeah! This doesn’t look much different approach than the earlier version but the feeling is a lot more different. Wake up 10 minutes, 30 minutes or 40 minutes late, and you still get the things that you need to, feeling happy as a seal and getting a sense of achievement. No depression, no bad feelings, and not that much of rush either.

This is the hack I came up with for my daily routine, to do better time management and be happy. Further, I divided chunks into every morning, evening and night. Then wrote the sum of time the activities each division would take. Tie it up with Pomodoro Technique, and you should be catching up with productivity drive in no time.


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