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Art is the diverse range of human creation that is made to express human emotions, ideas, imagination, technical skills or senses in such a way that it appeals to other people and for appreciation. Bikalpa Art Cafe’s Pop-up Prints exhibition is one such example where artists got a chance to express one’s feelings the medium of art. This exhibition is done in order to send the message about Nepali art and its culture to the people. The event started on September 20, 2019, at Bikalpa Art Cafe, Pulchowk by curator Saroj Mahato.

This exhibition features exclusive collections of a group of 25 artists from Nepal. The organizers said the main motive of this to support and promote the printmaking scene in Nepal. The month-long exhibition is a non-profit and displaces a total of 60 classical styled sprint making. This Pop-up Prints exhibition, said the organizers, is a gateway for artists, art enthusiasts, art admirers, and art collectors to unite and glorify Nepali contemporary art in the national as well as international art market.

 About artists and their printmaking artworks:


Pop-up Prints Exhibition at Bikalpa arts

Printmakings displayed in Pop-up Prints Exhibition held at Bikalpa Art Center, Pulchowk, from September 20 to October 18, 2019. Photo: Suraj Bajracharya

All the artists presented their mesmerizing views towards different aspects. For instance, ‘Chaupadi’ by Rukmani Shrestha describes females menstruation period and what female has to go through during the period. In her printmaking, she describes the tradition practiced which banishes females during their menstruation period from the house.

Similarly, Saurganga Darshandahri’s cradles illustrate a group of people sitting on a cradle and talking. She describes people relaxing and chatting about their life in her printmaking. While Seema Sharma Shah’s Printmaking ‘Ganesh/Buddha’ shows the essence of Ganesh. Her printmaking illustrates the dance of Ganesh. Her collection also consists of Buddha carrying a flower.

Other artists at pop-up prints exhibition:

Pop-up prints Exhibition at bikalpa arts (2)

‘Ganesha/Buddha’ printmaking artworks by Seema Sharma Shah displayed in Pop-up Prints Exhibition held at Bikalpa Art Center, Pulchowk, from September 20 to October 18, 2019. Photo: Suraj Bajracharya

In the exhibition, you can also see many other excellent artists like Jenney Ghale with her ‘Where we belong’, Sangeeta Ghimire with her ‘Happiness’, Anita Bhattrai and her collection of ‘Untitled’ and Kabi Raj Lama and his ‘Mirroring’. All these artists have contributed about 5-6 printmaking artworks for this exhibition.

The event was conducted with the aim of collect money for charity. “We will donate 100% of the money collected to an organization called Printmaking Nepal,” said the curator. The participating contemporary artists in the Pop-Up Prints exhibition are also members of Printmaking Nepal.

This event lasts till October 18, 2019, at Bikalpa Art Cafe, Pulchowk.

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