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Master the Chrome Yellow Makeup Look -Fall Color Inspired

Fall is here! Hope you guys are doing great!

Sorry, I have been quite MIA as I was under weather feeling sick lately but now I am feeling better n ready to roll. So today’s look is pretty bold and bright for some of you guys. Though I fall in tan olive skin tone, I really love to use shades of yellow in my daily life whether its fashion, accessories or makeup which lots of guys are scared to wear. But I have realized some of this bold yellow color family does give u that pop and make u look extra glam. I have been dying to use this gorgeous yellow shade from mac cosmetics which I have bought from a long time and haven’t got time to use it and what better time and season of the year to use this. Fall has been the best season for me and I enjoy wearing this bold color. Hope you guys like it and share ur thought in my Insta page latest pic. Here’s the detail for this yellow chrome makeup look.

  • chrome yellow fall makeup
  • chrome yellow fall makeup
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