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True friends help each other in time of need. When everyone deserts you, a true friend always stays by your side. They will stand with you, even through the gates of Hell. Some friends are even closer to than our mom and dad. Life is much more colorful because of them. You can’t put a price on friendships, but it is necessary to show that you value and celebrate all those fun moments that you and your friend have spent together. So this friendship day 2019, remind your friends that you love and value them, with these friendship day gifts we have shortlisted, for you and your friends.

1. Friendship Day Card

This is THE most basic gift you can give to your best friends. You can find a variety of gift cards, for almost types of friends and emotions. A card can have a lot of meaning inside it, add a personal message and your friend will appreciate it even more. You can buy a card or customize it at home. There is no rules, use papers, plastics, glitters, colors, and anything else you can think of to decorate it as you want.

2. Chocolates:

friendship day gifts-berries chocolates

Photo: pixabay

Chocolates are one of the most basic gifts known to mankind. Give chocolates to your friend to appreciate all those sweet moments you spent together. And this gift is the best gift to give to your friend, because, who doesn’t love a quick tasty treat that will reinforce your relationship for years to come.

3. Photo frames:

Photos capture the golden time you’ve spent together, making that moment immortal. This is one of the best gifts to give to your friends. Your friend will always appreciate some some those sweet moments when they are feeling down. Seeing your BFFs smiling face will always brighten your mood too. That’s why pictures are a perfect gift for your friends.

4. Friendship bands:

friendship day gifts-beads bracelets

Photo: Pixabay

Friendship bands or bracelets are the simplest accessories you can gift your friend. Even though they are simple and pretty cheap, its value comes from the fact that you give this to your friend with all your love and care. You can even personalize it by adding their names on it. This thing is the top and most common choice among all friendship day gifts.

5.  Memory Books:

This can be your DIY project. Memory book could be the one of the best presents your friends could ever received. This can be a very special and memorable gift as it has your personal touch. Choose a variety of photos of old and gold times you have spent together. You can decorate it with some stickers according to your friend’s taste or even add glitters to make it more attractive. The gift will be a prized possession of your friends.

6. Stuff toys:

friendship day gifts-soft toys

Photo: Pixabay

This is a perfect gift for someone who likes cute and cuddly stuff. Stuff toys can also be customized or can even be made at home to show your true dedication toward your friend. They can be great stress reliever for a person who is going through bad time. And every time your friend looks at the stuffed toy, they will get to embrace that warm indirect hug via the stuff toy you gave them.

7. Personalized Mug:

Mugs can be a great friendship day gift. Nowadays you can personalize or customize it to make it fit for your friends. A basic mug might be useful but it will be boring to give it to your friend. But a mug, which may have custom design or shape, could be a very personal and heart touching gift for your friend who will, without a doubt, treasure it very much.

8. Rustic Mail Holder Box for Office

Pandemic has created a new environment where most of our friends and family are working from home or remotely. Having a great clean organized working space is crucial for getting the job done. This rustic mail holder box from YELLOW LOTUS USA is a perfect gift to give to your friends and family. This letter holder box is  12 inch in length, 6 inchesd in width and 4 inches in height. it is Made of solid wood and made to last with quality & cute design. This can be used as desktop mail letter organizer.

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These are just the basic gifts you can gift your friends, to remind that you are thankful to have them in your life. There are no rules when it comes to gifts. So, as you know your friends the best, gift them something that will remind them of you and your friendship. Be as creative as you like. And this friendship day don’t just say, show your friends how much they mean to you with your friendship day gifts.

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