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Are you Friends with me? I think I Know your Type. I have 283 friends in facebook. Regardless of what friend is defined as in many dictionaries, I have all sorts of “friends” that there can be.


One is that posts about every single thing that has happened in his life. You can literally feel the burden of the knowledge of this person’s life on your shoulders. Another is full of philosophy, she oozes life and vibrancy into your life through her posts. There is one that changes his profile picture so often, I just have to stop liking them in hopes that’ll discourage him (but no, it doesn’t). One travels so often and so far out, and posts all the wonderful pictures you can’t help feel a teeny-weeny bit jealous for her.

One brags all too much about the baby she just had had; although I can understand the motherly pride she must be having (and may be I will turn into one in the near future), post something yourself too, lady. Another is all about football; he posts and shares anything and everything that has to got do with the favorite team of his. There is that kid (not really a friend but a relative, of course) that is all about selfies (every day I’m taking selfies, editing and posting them). One is full of sadness and she cries out loud;

everything she posts or shares is so depressing, you want to reach out and hug her tightly and squeeze her desolation right out of her. And there is that couple, that is all about my boyfriend/husband this, my girlfriend/wife that. They even have the profile pictures, cover pictures, wall photos of them themselves together and never alone.

Let me take a breather…

One just loves God, no one else. Another is all Hindi lyrics. There is always one that bothers you with their game requests. One sees all, knows all and yet never likes, never comments, never posts or never shares anything. Another is the Mr. politics; his posts are all about what he thinks about the Government. One is not your friend at all; you’ve just added her cause one of your friends asked you to be friends with her. Another has multiple accounts that he seems to be using side by side. There is one that gets tagged so often, she herself doesn’t post all that much but if you look at her wall, she’s everywhere. And then there is one that likes each and every one of your posts and everyone of his other friends’ posts. Lastly there is that friend that is not there at all.

I can think of so many other sorts of friends that I am friends with in facebook but I am loathe to make this blog any longer than this. This has been written with all the good feelings, no offence intended.

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