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I can always spend a day “happily” aloof from the things happening around when I have “episodes” of GG (Gossip Girl) left to be watched. I don’t know why I’m interested in knowing what Blair (Queen B), Chuck, Nate, Ivy Dickens/Charlie Rhodes and Dan Humphrey are up to. I got vexed when I heard that Georgina Sparks is going to crash The Royal Wedding. I wished and prayed for The Wedding to happen (OMG, Louis is so cute (: ) I have become a very meticulous viewer of GG, I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the filming crew being reflected on Blair’s sunglasses. I am not delving into GG to find out the mistakes (Oh come on, I am a huge fan 😀 ) but I am entertaining myself from getting bored. I also have started relating GG with my life (not 10+ relationships though :P, ahh not in my case anyways 😉 ) Sometimes I get confused figuring out who is with Blair, or Serena (doesn’t happen in real life? i doubt 😛 )



I watch each episode with much gusto. Watching the girls party around make me feel like I am partying and wearing best dresses I never had. Those shining accessories and those beautiful dresses are something I always wanted to own. Though it is confusing at times, Chuck is Lily’s stepson and Dan is also Lily’s stepson but they are from different husbands – Bass and Rufus Humphrey respectively, I always watch it with rapture. Jenny, Lily’s stepdaughter, lost her virginity with Chuck who is Lily’s stepson and Serena is still in love with her mother’s stepson Dan Humphrey. Actually, Lily and Rufus were not getting together because their daughter and son were in love with each other (what sort of sacrifice is that?) Does it have to be more confusing? (ahhh yes 😀 ) I feel like making a “Conceptual Framework” for the relationships in this series (only if I could 😛 ) However, it is ironic how Serena and Nate (badly entangled in many relationships) are single and Dan (so called lonely boy) is with Queen B.
Three episodes back to back and I forget about all these confusions. All I think of is about the coming episodes and all I do is assume what is going to happen.
 I hope that stars of GG will cultivate their acting skills and entertain viewers like me in coming years too.

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