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Saving money is a difficult habit to adopt. But look at it from a bright side, you can start today. Start small because every drop in the ocean counts. Even if it is a single coin that you save now will be valuable later. It is better than to have less money now than to have no money later. Saving money is for future use. Chances are that you will not have enough money in the future, when you really need it, if you don’t save it in the present. It is important that young adults learn some money saving tips and start the habit regularly.

There’s no harm if you don’t use more money for your current wants and keep it for your future needs. It is also not necessary that you have to start earning to start saving. The best approach to learn how to save is from your pocket money.

Tricks to saving

The hardest thing with saving money is with getting it started. Often most of them find it difficult to decide where to begin from. This is why many lists of the money saving tips suggests you take a step towards a path to save money.

Imagine if you save only 10 rupees every day from your pocket money. This would save you 60 rupees in six days and 300 rupees in a month. The math is simple; it just depends on the process you apply to get into this. Even saving Rs 1 from the 10 is saving, and that’s where you can start.

Prioritize expenses


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List the things that you plan to buy now and in the near future. Sort your needs and wants as per their necessity and priority. This makes it easier for you to decide where, when and how much shall you be spending. Since your plan is to buy things from your savings, you will divide the saving amount accordingly.


Find ways to cut spending

When you start dividing your pocket money on your spending you will come across ways to cut off a few expenses. You can always negotiate or find alternatives to reduce your expenses. You don’t inevitably have to cut your priorities but could adjust your regular expenses. For instance, walking instead of taking a taxi, and avoiding eating outside or eating expensive food. It’s one among the sure-shot money saving tips that works for everyone.

Set saving purposes


You need to have a stronger purpose to reach your saving goal; something that motivates you to do things more often. If you aim to buy something that’s expensive it will encourage you to stay constant with your saving routine. It can be buying an expensive, premium phone, laptops, headphones or even shoes or traveling to your dream destination. Not that you have to have an expensive aim but have a stronger purpose that lets you stay persistent with your saving goals.

Track your Expenses record

Among the money saving tips, keeping a record of your expenses helps a lot. Once you have fixed your saving routine be sure that you keep track of the routine is executed as planned. First of all, it will be easier to start with your regular expenses. Start to note down everyday spending and keep your bills safely.

Trace all your records like travel fare, meals or any other everyday expenditure. This makes it easier to decide the actual amount you spend per day or per month. Review your budget and progress every week. It is pretty straightforward and this makes it easier to calculate the amount you could be saving from these expenses.

However, if you think you won’t be able to manage a large amount of money you can deposit it to your bank’s accounts. This will reduce your tension about having a big sum of money lying unsafe in your pocket or closet. If it’s fine with you letting your parents keep track of your money, you can also ask them to hold your savings. Also, don’t carry too much cash when you are out shopping or with friends. This will ruin your saving goals for the reason that it only makes you want to spend more.

In the end, these money saving tips work is only possible if you are conscious of the amount you should cutback and spend within the limitations.

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