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Everyday thousands of thoughts and ideas strike our minds but, not all bear results. In result, we panic and become hopeless, or even depressed and we feel ‘useless’. But only those who don’t give up succeed. One of such examples is Jack Ma, co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba, who became successful in short period and inspiration to many. From the journey of multinational technological conglomerate, we can take out few tips we can apply in our lives as well. Here are few of his secrets to successful life:

Alibaba Jack Ma

Co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group Jack Ma. Photo:

Get used to rejection

Rejection hurts but, strong people develop their innate quality and turn their pain into strength to deal with every ‘no’ in life. One of Jack Ma’s famous secrets to successful life is to be okay with rejection. He failed his entrance two times and got rejected 30 times while applying for job. But after knocking on many doors he, at last, started his own website and became a successful entrepreneur. And now he is one of the richest men in China.

Don’t complain, Look for opportunities

We often hear about successful person being ‘in the right place at the right time’. But people who achieve success don’t leave it to fate or luck, they make things happen. It takes strategies, plans and constant efforts to move forward and take advantages of the opportunities. When people complain about their life, Jack Ma advises them to look for opportunities rather than complaining.

Focus on the culture

‘Culture is really important. You got to focus on the culture’, says Multi-Billionaire Ben Horowitz. Culture of building a great company instead of just making money is the key to success. Jack Ma says core competence of Alibaba is culture. He says if you value your culture and want it evolved in a controlled and predictable manner then make sure that you teach your employees about it.

Keep your dream alive

If you have a dream, have the confidence to make it come true as well. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, you just need to keep your dream alive in you. When we don’t get the result in two or three attempts, we give up. But all we need is to make our dream real. Employees of Alibaba believed in ‘Keep Your Dream Alive’ and by keeping this in their mind and heart, they worked hard to make it come true and it did.

Ignore the little man

In society, some people will find a reason to gossip regardless of your good or bad deeds, they will find mistakes in everything you do. If you want to succeed in life then you have to ignore those people around you, and just listen to your inner heart and mind. When Jack Ma was working on Alipay, people told him it wasn’t a good idea, but he ignored all the negative comments and focused on his work. Now, Alipay has 500 million users who are enjoying the secure way of online payment.

Have passion and stay focused

Secrets to successful life

Photo: Freepik

Unless, you have passion to do something in your life you can’t turn your dreams into reality. However, without action, passion yields no worthwhile results. You need to focus on your project and work with strong determination.  In the starting of Alibaba, Jack Ma said that they were competing globally, not just against Chinese websites. He encouraged employees to develop the extra working attitude not just usual 8 to 5. This shows if you are passionate, you will succeed one day.

Focus on the product

Your products get valued when you prioritize your customers and serve them with best efforts. Such products require commitment and attract customers from the very start. Jack Ma’s philosophy is to put his customers first, employees second and then his shareholders. Customers add value to the products and he believes that only if a customer stays, the company survives.

Get Inspired

Everyone has their role models in their lives. From the way they person speak, their personality and their work, people get inspired and they try to do the same. Jack Ma shared that he learned a great many things by watching movie, listening to songs and reading books. But, it’s when people act naturally and speak from the heart, Jack says, that they create a greater impact on people and tries to inspire others with his deeds.

And that sums up few secrets to successful life, inspired by Jack Ma’s life.

No one is born successful, it’s their potential and hard work that someone becomes successful. Human beings all have certain goals in life and we spend our whole lives to achieve them. Our success brings us satisfaction. But no matter how many articles on secrets to successful life you read, until and unless you act upon it, your dreams will not come true. So, start today.

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