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When is the last time you planned your wedding and the honeymoon? Was it Bali or somewhere in Bangkok? Well, forget all about that because I am going to take you to the best places within Nepal which are worthy for your honeymoon.  At the end of it, you can bookmark this page and share it with your partner. Nepal is filled with adventure and beauty but we have hand-picked some places to visit in Nepal for honeymoon.

Are you ready for a Honeymoon in Nepal?

There’s a famous quote in Twitter space and Instagram regarding Nepal- “heaven is a myth, Nepal is real”. I believe the essence of this aphorism is to highlight the natural beauty of Nepal ingrained in the smile of Himalaya, the serenity of lakes, the innocence of hills, and lush valleys of Tarai. These elements of our country offer you a pure bliss for being born in this beautiful land. So, even for your amazing day of the honeymoon, it won’t be a disappointment. Without any further ado, here are the top 5 places to visit in Nepal for honeymoon which offer a complete package:


Pokhara is undoubtedly a popular honeymoon destination as it offers both adventurous and luxury moments. You can sign on into a three-star hotel in Lakeside and enjoy the dusk walk along the coast of Phewa lake while listening to Beatles song played on the nearby bar to make your night romantic. Furthermore, you can stroll around the lakeside street during night-time watching neon – lights, smelling the aroma of pizzas and witnessing unrequited love, finally hopping into a restaurant for candle-light dinner.

places to visit in nepal for honeymoon

Sunshine in Annapurna, Pokhara, Nepal

To make your honeymoon more memorable, take a boat around Phewa lake and visit Jalbarahi and also don’t miss a hike to world Peace Pagoda to enjoy the view of Pokhara. In addition to it, you and your partner can witness beautiful sunrise from Sarangkot, few kilometers uphill from Pokhara. On the way down, to make the day more adventurous, enjoy paragliding over the lake. Hence, Pokhara takes a number one spot for places to visit for in Nepal for honeymoon.

places to visit in nepal for honeymoon

Paraglides in Pokhara


Illam to Nepal is what Darjeeling is to India. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you aren’t a tea fan. Ilam, an eastern hilly district is another suitable destination for your honeymoon if you want to enjoy a few days with your partner in nature, away from the hustle bustle of the city. There are various fun things you can do with your partner in Ilam. The first thing you can do in Ilam is getting into nice hotels like the Summit Hotel or Chiyabari Cottage, the one situated on the highest altitude in Ilam bazar.

Leisurely enjoying the views from your hotel room for the day, you can pay a visit to the beautiful home of tea gardens in the morning for sightseeing and make the morning romantic as possible. In addition, mark your honeymoon by visiting Mai Pokhari, one of the picturesque lakes in Nepal. Just like in Sarangkot, you can hike to Antu Danda to witness jaw-dropping sunrise and sunset while enjoying the view of Mt. Kanchenjunga.


I understand if you just want a few days luxury, possibly a jungle safari in your honeymoon rather than burning your calories. Well, there’s a perfect destination for you just for that. Located in Chitwan national park, Sauraha is another popular destination, not just in Nepal but across the continent. Though there are many honeymoon packages available for Sauraha just like Pokhara and Ilam, it’s best if you make up your own plan as there are so many amazing things to do and to observe. Today, there are many luxurious hotels and resorts in Sauraha which you can book by browsing the internet.

places to visit in nepal for honeymoon

Tourist enjoying Chitwan National Park

After landing on Sauraha, you’ll be overwhelmed by the options of so many amazing places to be and views to savor. Some of them you can do in a single day are canoeing in Rapti river to witness crocodile sunbathing, lying leisurely on the bank of Rapti river to view the sunset, visiting Bis Hajaar Tal. Apart from these, you can enjoy hours of jungle safari or Elephant Safari or Jeep Safari inside the national park to observe tigers, one-horned rhino, and more than fifty species of birds. In addition, you can also enjoy the bath with an elephant in Rapti river later visiting their sanctuary. At night, the display of Tharu dance and cultural programs will fill your hearts with joy and their delicacies will mesmerize your palate. 


Located in Bhaktapur district, Nagarkot is another ideal place to enjoy your honeymoon and also one of the most popular tourist destination in Nepal. Mostly popular for breathtaking views of Sunrise and Sunset, you can additionally observe the mountain range including Mt. Everest clearly from your room. In addition to these views, you can have a luxurious stay at Nagarkot with so many lavish hotels and resorts available. Some of them are Hotel Mystic mountain, Hotel Country Villa, The fort resort and many more. To make your honeymoon more adventurous, you can take a jeep to Dhulikhel to spend yet another luxurious night after a hike to Namobuddha.

places to visit In Nepal for Honeymoon

Nagarkot, Nepal


places to visit in nepal for honeymoon

Gorgeous Bandipur, Nepal


Bandipur city is on number 5 for our list of places to visit in Nepal for honeymoon. Bandipur is a hill settlement in Tanahun district, near to Pokhara that offers soothing and romantic weather to make your honeymoon special.  The traditional Newari houses and Stone topped road, during night provides a romantic ambiance. In addition, there are some really good hotels to spend the nights. But Bandipur offers more than just the soothing weather and romantic vibes. You can visit Siddha Cave, the largest cave of Nepal, hike to Kahdga Devi temple and visit Thani Mai temple viewpoint to observe 360 views of the city.

There you have it, five ideal places to visit in Nepal for a honeymoon in Nepal. In case, if you’re a foreigner, visit Kathmandu valley before you fly back home as it has to offer its own splendid beauty.

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